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Life Is A Miracle

Released: 02-Feb-2000

Pato Banton's Grammy Nominated Album, Life Is A Miracle, released in 2000, is the culmination of a 4-year writing and recording process that will surely take this awesome artist to the next level in the United States and abroad. The new songs blend reggae, hip-hop, and dance, creating a sound that is truly unique to Pato Banton. From clubs to stadiums (and every point in between), Pato will continue to win over fans by the thousands and prove that the world is ready to even more fully embrace this international superstar!

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1.0 Life Is A Miracle - View Lyrics
2.0 Good Old Days (feat Tippa Irie)
3.0 Legalize It! - View Lyrics
4.0 Movin' (feat Skins)
5.0 Never Too Late (feat Peter Spence) - View Lyrics
6.0 Sending All My Love (feat Peter Spence) - View Lyrics
7.0 Sweet Reggae Music
8.0 Are You Ready? - View Lyrics
9.0 Mama Nature
10.0 Time Come (feat Audrey Murray)
11.0 Good Old Days (remix)
12.0 Legalized (remix) - View Lyrics
13.0 Bubbling Hot (Bonus Track) - View Lyrics