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Heal This World

(Pato Banton ASCAP,
Williams (G.Y.O. Records) & D.Wyman / Stay
Positive Publishing ASCAP)



Wake up a
new day is dawning

Gather up
the people make we cease the waring now

stop the gun shot the bombing

Blood is
overflowing and the earth is calling out

Yes Mama
Earth is in a state of emergency

of the air the land and seas

planetary ozone is like a warzone

And it
affects us globally

Yes we
need a better infrastructure

energy and agriculture

seeds give back to nature

 We need to do it sooner rather than later


Let’s get
together now. Let’s get together now

Let’s get
together now and heal this world


Yo, I’m
feelin’ pain as deep as it can get

We can
bleed & sweat, need to give the people self-respect

We ain’t
leavin’ yet

Need to
get together, make it better

From now
until forever change the weather

And never
say never ‘cause we can conquer whatever we wanna do

It don’t
take a crew, just a little piece of me and you

natural solutions, we need to try them

By using
the alternative resources like HEMP

Bless the
little youths dem, and guide them on their way

We can
fix tomorrow for ‘em if we recognize today

We can
heal this world, I know it ain’t that tough

one world is enough… ROUGH!




all school teachers all green peacers

All truth
preachers and all peace keepers yow

sending out an SOS

To all
international leaders

Now I say
rise up all you fallen soldiers

Stand up
unite bring down all borders

Bless the
youth with food and shelter

Stop the
genocide and make life better now

We gotta
start with a solid foundation

  Based on worldwide cooperation

the only way to change the situation

And make
it better for the next generation

hands cause the time has come

of the earth daughters and sons

No matter
who you are or where you’re from

is one so love one another


Let’s get
together now. Let’s get together now

Let’s get
together now and heal this world


is one so love one another....!



































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