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Let There Be Love

(Pato Banton & Eric “DBX” Collins)


Good Vibes

Narrator X & Pato Banton

Crucial combination stylee......


Let there be love, Let there be lo-o o-o o-ove,

Let there be love, Let there be love


Although RBX & PB is an anomaly

You can choose your friends but you can’t choose family

From the UK to LA from Trini to JA

One blood hold you down all the way

So we move with a force that just don’t cease

Bringing peace to the East and hoping love increase

 Yes peace is the
dream while love is the thesis

It sparks in your 
mind like telekanesis




Down in the ghetto where we push and shove

Rude boy youths no want talk bout love

Meanwhile on the block bullets are flying

My brothers are dying and mothers are crying

It’s time for a change like Get Up Stand Up

Each one teach one we all need a hand up

United we stand and divided we fall

Like all for the one and one for the all




Now, we move forward but we always remember where we come

And we come from love

Love makes the world go around

Love your brethren and your sistren

Alright now



Well how about we put aside the things that divide us

While we celebrate everything that unites us

And let’s move forward with a positive vibes

With the link that goes back to positive tribes

You see it takes a vision to make a dream come true

Like Rosa, Ghandi, Martin Luther too

Now is the time for love, man it’s way overdue

                   Together we can make it
through....too true

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