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Special To Me

(Pato Banton)


Now this
one goes out to my baby girl

Love you
more than anything in this whole wide world



you’re so
special to me

You’re so

You’re so
special to me


I can
remember the first time I saw your face

the time and the place

memories of how you made me feel

I had to
ask myself
“is this really real?”

You see
I’ve been around the world so many times

believe me when I say you’re one of a kind

A little
attitude but oh so fine

And now I
can’t believe that your really mine




Well It’s
not the things you say but the things you do

That make
me realize that your love is true

brighten up my days when I’m feeling blue

And there
ain’t nothing in this world i wouldn”t do for you, boo

things get rough and times get tough

I wanna be there for you

the good and the bad the happy and sad

I wanna be there for you

the thick of the storm until it’s calm

I wanna be there for you

Until my
dying day with you I’ll stay........... cause you’re Special




You see
your more than a lover you’re my - best friend

And I
know you got my back to the very end

And even
though we argue again and again

I know
you got my back... T

I love it
when we work together, when we play together

Work out
together, when we pray together

Love you
whatever, I would dis you never

birds of a feather we should stick together

richer for poorer for worse or for better

                Forever & forever............
cause you’re Special

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