Pato Banton Mission Statement - 30-Mar-2012

Minister Pato Banton
(Mission Statement 2012)

Through the vehicle of Positive Reggae Music, our mission is to;

1. Tour across the 50 States of America and other countries, spreading the Good News about the Fatherhood of God & the Brotherhood of Man, while planting the seeds of Advanced Truth in word and deed, on/off stage and through all available media channels.

2. Gather, commune and worship with Urantia Study Groups, fellow Urantians, other spiritual groups and individuals in each city across all the States. Providing moral support to revitalize the study groups and individuals who are sometimes in remote areas and feel isolated.

3. Through prayer circles (before or after our concerts) bring people of diverse beliefs together in spiritual unity and in accordance with the will of our Heavenly Father, provide mental and physical healing. While at the same time enabling spiritual regeneration and inspiring all people to avoid “stagnation of growth” as they strive to LIVE their highest religious values.

4. Make the Urantia Book visible & available at our concerts, as well as introduce it to a new generation of sincere Truth Seekers, encouraging them to create study groups in their local areas.

5. Physically distribute the Words of Christ to every state of America and digitally around the world.

6. Through Open (public service) and discrete (secret service) minister to the real needs of our brothers and sisters through Loving Service whenever the opportunity presents itself.

7. Inspire a new generation of Ministers to fulfill the mission established by our Master;

“I admonish you ever to remember that your mission among men is to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom — the reality of the fatherhood of God and the truth of the sonship of man. Proclaim the whole truth of the good news, not just a part of the saving gospel. You are to go forth preaching the love of God and the service of mankind. That which the world needs most to know is: Men & women are the children of God, and through faith they can actually realize, and daily experience, this ennobling truth. My bestowal should help all men to know that they are the children of God, but such knowledge will not suffice if they fail personally to faith-grasp the saving truth that they are the living spirit sons of the eternal Father. The gospel of the kingdom is concerned with the love of the Father and the service of his children on earth. 193:0.4

“The world needs to see Jesus living again on earth in the experience of spirit-born mortals who effectively reveal the Master to all men & women.” Amen!

May Fan Letter - 07-May-2010

Hello to all of our Fans and Family,

We would like to say
thank you to all of you that have made our mission of "Spreading The
Good News" one of the most beautiful experiences or all. We have just
came back from the islands of Hawaii, where we were welcomed by the
most loving Aloha committee and were shown so much love that it makes us
want to continue on this mission for as long as the people ask. The
people and organizations that we have come in contact with across the
country shows that there is a lot of forward thinking as far as
Ecological, Spiritual, Political, and many more and it's the uniting of
the brotherhood of man that is beautiful to see.

As we prepare to take our next trip to the east coast we would like
to invite all of you to please share your experiences, stories,
pictures, videos of your times with us. All the responses that we've
gotten in the past has helped shape the type of show that we bring to
you. Please take a look at our calendar on, Facebook, or Myspace for upcoming show dates.

We have setup a 60 day pledge drive on
where you can pledge money to our 50 State Upliftment Tour 2010. You
can also purchase items such as Autographed CD's, T-Shirts, VIP Passes
to a show of your choice, Music Lesson from band members, and all kinds
of other stuff. We will also be donating 10% of our pledge to The
Urantia Foundation.

Again thank you all so much for your continued love and support.

One Love,
Pato Banton begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting and The Now Generation

Hot Times Festival Review Columbus, Ohio - 12-Sep-2009

Pato’s website states: “Positive Vibrations abound with a
beat to keep you on your dancing feet! Many have considered
his charismatic performance
as live theatre
where no show is alike
and audience members
become participants in
the experience. Pato was
born Patrick Murray in
London, England in 1961
but grew up in Birmingham.
His name Pato (the
name derives from a wise
night owl in Jamaica, that
stays up all night, calling
“patoo, patoo”) was given
to him by his step-father who was from Jamaica. In Pato’s
musical career he has worked with the Beat, UB40, Ziggy
Marley & the Melody Makers, Burning Spear, Third
World, Yellowman, Black Uhuru, Dennis Brown, Sting,
Steel Pulse, and many more, Pato also focuses a portion
of his energies within his home town of Birmingham,
England, and has created many community programs to
put music equipment and computers into youth centers;
trains community tutors; delivers basic courses in Music
Technology; has set up Community Classrooms, and
also developed a community project called Muzik Links,
designed to attract young people, who are at risk, and
provide opportunity to be involved in professional recordings,
dance troupes, and live performances. Pato is also
the Assistant Director of Creative Studies at South Birmingham
Pato has been awarded the BBC’s Lifetime Achievement
Award, for his dedication and commitment to positive
change; the Black Music Award for Lifetime Achievement,
in recognition of his contribution to the British Music
Industry; and the Birmingham Museum has formally
honored Pato alongside UB40 and Steel Pulse.
Pato continues to tour, and record, with many albums
to his credit. A Pato Banton concert is an event not to be
missed and an experience not to be forgotten. Hot Times
is happy to present this great artist.
Pato’s concert is dedicated ot the memory
of Hugo and Donna Cabrera founders of
Skankland and Negus Records, and is
brought to us throught the generosity of
Roots Records.
info from Pato’s website

# Positively Pato: Reggae star brings upbeat message to Ethnic Fest - 10-Sep-2009

Positively Pato: Reggae star brings upbeat message to Ethnic Fest

• September 10, 2009

International reggae star and Grammy nominee Pato Banton has often been called "Mr. Positivity."


always had a positive message in my music," the 47-year-old Los Angeles
musician said during a phone interview before a performance in Salt
Lake City.

basically on a 50-state tour. I was just sitting down last year and
thinking there are 50 states in America and 52 weeks in a year and it
would be nice to get around to all 50 states in a year and bring a
positive message to the people."

and his seven-piece band, The Now Generation — as well as the
Tamburitzans and Omo-Ana, Children of the Spirit Drum — will entertain
at the 18th annual Ethnic Fest, which will be held from 9 a.m. to 5
p.m. Sept. 19 in downtown Two Rivers.

celebration of dozens of cultures will feature music, dance,
entertainment, 65 craft vendors and 20 food vendors offering ethnic
food and drinks.

Here's a look at the entertainers:

Pato Banton and The Now Generation

Banton continues to remain positive, despite tragedy that has touched his life.

the year 2000, I took a break from my music and started community
projects after two of my sons were shot in a drive-by shooting," he
said. "I decided I wanted to go back to my city and see what I could do
to change the situation. They managed to survive but they were left
with scars."

used music as a tool to bring young people together, taught school and
worked with police to reduce crime. About three years ago, he returned
to his music.

motive was more to have a musical ministry. It's about motivation,
education, elevation and, more importantly, revelation," he said. "It
goes beyond just being on the road giving concerts. When we get a
chance we also play at prisons, community centers, foster care centers
and also I speak at Unity churches occasionally and sometimes spiritual

Banton often invites fans to join him in a prayer circle after his shows.

Music has helped the performer transform his own life, which began as a disadvantaged youth.

(2 of 2)

was born Patrick Murray in London and moved to Birmingham when he was
8. His stepfather, a DJ from Jamaica, turned their home into a weekend
nightspot and helped introduce Banton to music. Soon the young musician
was entertaining. The name Pato is derived from patoo, the Jamaican
term for a wise night owl. In DJ circles, Banton means heavyweight


in his late teens, Banton became the No. 1 emcee in Birmingham. He then
joined a local roots reggae band. Within a year, he became bandleader,
emcee, singer/songwriter and manager.

Banton's life has since blended touring, recording and public service.

Discography includes everything from his 1987 release, "Never Give In"
to his 2007 CD, "Positive Vibrations." In 2008, eight years after
receiving a Grammy nomination for "Life is a Miracle," Banton released
"Destination Paradise," featuring 12 original compositions.

live concerts provide a dancing beat and dialog on current-day events
and spiritual freedom. There is typically no fixed set list. Feedback
from his audiences sets the direction of his concerts.

has been recognized for his community work and his music. He was
awarded the BBC's prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. He also
received the Black Music Award for Lifetime Achievement and was honored
by the Birmingham Reggae Hall of Fame.

What can fest-goers expect from his performance in Two Rivers?

have a very, very fun, high-energy, positive show," he said. "People
will enjoy it. We play reggae music, but my music also has been defined
as positive reggae music. People can expect to have their hearts, minds
and bodies moved.

will be playing some songs from the new album and some of our classic
songs. I've been up to Two Rivers before and met a lot of really great
people, and me and the band are really looking forward to coming back."

For more about Banton, visit

Pato Banton brings positive reggae music to Chico, California - 30-Aug-2006

Pato Banton is coming to the stage of the Bell Memorial Union Auditorium tonight after spending seven years reaching out to the community where his two sons were shot.

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Pato Banton concert preview in Colorado - 02-Aug-2006

Although Pato Banton's been in the music industry for 26 years, he feels like a young kid starting his musical journey again. However, he admits that he has the advantage of a prolific legacy that he can pick up where he left it after a staggering personal tragedy.

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Pato/Shaggy/Wailing Souls @ Orange County Fair review - 18-Jul-2006

Birmingham, England's Pato Banton has been a force on the reggae scene for almost 25 years and continues to inspire, as he proved over the course of his 10-song set.

Backed by the powerful six-member Mystic Roots Band, the talented singer/toaster sang songs geared toward having a good time, but with deeper messages centering on his religious faith, the need for world peace and the legalization of marijuana (even while discouraging the use of hard drugs during a lively "Don't Sniff Coke").

However, his hour-long appearance really captured the artistic heights of the genre during performances of "One World (Not Three)," "Good News" and a spirited cover of Bob Marley's "Jamming" that got just about everyone dancing to the beat.

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Pato Banton gave up reggae to change his community, but his music is changing the world by Jeff Inman/Las Vegas City Life - 13-Jul-2006

Depending on your point of view, Pato Banton's career either started or ended with a bullet. It was fired in 2000.

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Pato Banton concert review in Denver, Colorado 2004 - 11-Jun-2004

Pato Banton, one of reggae’s best kept secrets, used his immensely positive message to help kick off the Inaugural Chipotle Global Groove Festival on Friday night.  Taking the stage just as night descended, with a band dressed entirely in a pure and innocent white motif, Pato immediately engaged the diverse crowd with call and response as only he can do,

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