Destination Paradise
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Words of Christ III $10.00

The last of this Trilogy series is now complete in this double CD featuring 14 more uplifting lessons from Jesus Christ as revealed in the Urantia Book. 

These inspiring teachings of the Master are accompanied by the beautiful music of Antoinette “Roots Dawtah” Hall and narrated by Pato Banton

Price: $10.00

Postage & Packing: $2.50

Destination Paradise
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Destination Paradise $15.00

“Destination Paradise turns a new page in Pato’s musical evolution on this new cd that shows maturity, passion & versatility on these crucial recordings that has something for everyone.”

From the very beginning there are many great moments on this Cd. Track 1“Got To Keep Moving On” shows Pato’s young at heart vibe as he features an intro with 4 year old Jadyn Z. On track 2 I-Levi of Rising Son & cootdog of the Mystic Roots Band deliver awesome vocal performances on “Heal This World” and an unexpected collaboration with RBX (from Dr. Dre’s Camp) is candy for the ears, as he and Pato trade lines on the crucial R&B groove “Let There Be Love.” Professor Einstein’s steel pan solo soars on “Special To Me,” a beautiful love song which captures the vibe of the Caribbean Islands. Without a doubt Pato Banton delivers his best recordings ever on this 12 track album of original compositions that move the body and inspire the mind.”

The release of “Destination Paradise” this summer will be an exciting turning point in this legendary artist’s career as he continues to tour nationally and internationally spreading the good news and uplifting the masses with a message of peace and love.

Price: $15.00

Postage & Packing: $2.50

Words of Christ II
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The Words of Christ II $10.00

A beautiful selection of soul touching lessons from Jesus Christ as revealed in the Fifth Epochal Revelation, The Urantia Book.

These inspiring teachings of the Master are accompanied by the amazing music of Clyde JJ Forde and narrated by international recording artist Pato Banton.

Price: $10.00

Postage & Packing: $2.50

Never Give In
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Never Give In CD $13.00

The long awaited 20th Anniversary Edition of Pato's ageless masterpiece Never Give In is now available.
Featuring hits like; Don't Sniff Coke, Gwarn, Settle Satan & 2 Never-Before-Released Bonus Tracks.
Big respect to Cornerstoneras(.com) for putting this amazing album back in print!

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Postage & Packing: $2.50

Positive Vibrations Double CD
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Positive Vibrations Double CD $15.00

Collaborating with award winning reggae outfit, the Mystic Roots Band, Pato delivers an outstanding live studio performance of many of his classic hits. This Limited Edition Double CD also features the engineering wizardry of UK’s top studio mixer Spears and includes a crucial selection of instrumental, karaoke and dub mixes that can only be found on this awesome album.

Positively the most exciting product in Pato Banton's music catalogue and a definite must have for all true PB fans.P&P on this item is $2.50

Mad Professor Captures & Recaptures Pato Banton
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Mad Professor Captures & Recaptures Pato Banton $10.00

Two classic albums on one CD, this is a bargain not to be missed!!!

Mad Professor is globally recognized as Reggae Music’s top studio producer, live sound engineer and dub magician. Both encounters of Pato Banton’s Capture & Recapture in the Ariwa Studios in 1986 & 1989 are featured on this all time classic cd.

Each track features the early vocal talents of Pato Banton  and is enhanced by the amazing production skills of Mad Professor – The Dub Master! P&P on this item is $2.50

Positive Vibration

Positive Vibrations $10.00

A must have for every Pato Banton fan…features all the classic hits including a new track “Good News”. 

Featuring the awesome talent of the Mystic Roots Band, & mixed by Grammy award winning sound engineer Spears this exclusive CD is without a  doubt, Pato Banton’s latest and greatest recording to date! P&P on this item is $2.50

Life Is A Miracle

Life Is A Miracle   $10.00

This Grammy Nominated CD was released in 2000 & became an instant hit around the world! With hits like “Life is a Miracle” & “Legalize It!”

Featuring legendary reggae artists Tippa Irie, Peter Spence, Aswad, Ray Beshara and The Reggae Revolution the tracks on this awesome CD will make you dance while you reflect on the conscious lyrics Pato Banton has to offer. P&P on this item is $2.50

The Words Of Christ

The Words Of Christ  $5.00

A beautiful & inspirational double CD featuring over 100 minutes of soul touching lessons from Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Fifth Epochal Revelation, The Urantia Book.

Narrated by Pato Banton and accompanied by the beautiful music of Clyde JJ Forde, these inspiring teachings are truly a must have for the True Truth Seeker, and the perfect gift for a loved one.

In Pato’s own words: “ This work has truly been a labour of love and is my greatest gift to mankind.” P&P on this item is $2.50

Spreading The Good News

Spreading The Good News – Live DVD!  $15.00

Pato Banton is one of the most talked about and legendary performers of all time. Each night is different experience, and the band only knows which song is first! Pato directs the show depending on the energy and feedback from the fans. It is a totally unique experience each time, leaving the audience positively uplifted and feeling Irie.

This performance is from a Reggae festival in Germany.  With a crowd of over 10,000 people celebrating the Positive Vibrations that only Pato Banton can deliver. Now you can enjoy this breathtaking performance by Pato Banton & The Reggae Revolution in the comfort of your own home.

Also features an exclusive interview. P&P on this item is $2.50