Greetings and welcome to my official website.

I would like to dedicate this site to all the people who have played a role (small or large) in my musical journey thus far, and to the long list of dedicated Pato-ites who have supported me in my quest to bring Peace & Positivity to the masses around the world.

From Never Give In to Destination Paradise, my main goal has always been to spread Truth, Beauty & Goodness through the vehicle of reggae music. My life has been an evolutionary adventure of many ups and downs, but through it all I have never lost my drive, focus or purpose. I have been blessed with the gift of Revelation, seen and been a part of many miracles, but nothing compares to the beautiful personalities Iíve met along the way.


As I approach the final chapter of my musical journey on Planet Earth (Urantia), my only desire is to serve Divinity through Humanity. And to all my brothers and sisters who are striving to achieve their goals in this age of materiality and secularistic insanity, my message is PLEASE REMEMBER to Stay Positive & Never Give In!

Latest News

New Day Dawning & Thoughts of Paradise Out now on Gwarn Int'l Records:
The Words of Christ Trilogy
New Day Dawning By Pato Banton and Various Artists
Thoughts Of Paradise By Antoinette "Roots Dawtah" Hall
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One Love Always Pato Banton aka Ben Adam